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How to replace and test a Gasoline Nozzle - Husky 10S

How to replace and test a Gasoline Nozzle - Husky 10S

Mar 3rd 2019

This time we show you how to replace a gasoline nozzle with the Husky 10S, which is a pressure activated, automatic shut-off nozzle for full-service and self-service stations. Remember to always follow the safety rules of your gas station and always use the appropriate tools and reliable parts and materials.

  The process begins with taking the dispenser out of service, then proceed to disconnect the nozzle from the hose inside a bucket or suitable recipient to catch the gas that will drain out of the hose and nozzle. You need to use thread sealant to properly protect against leaks and be careful not to over-tight the nozzle upon installation.  

  Please carefully follow the instructions on this video: