ACTION REQUIRED: OPW Recalls Gas Station Hose Swivel Connectors
   OPW is conducting a voluntary recall of certain gas station hose swivel connectors. The recall includes the popular models series 241, 36 and 20 of swivel connectors, which are installed between the nozzle and hose of gas station pumps t..
This simple 5-minute test helps you eliminate fire hazards!
   Your dispenser's hanging hardware could be malfunctioning in a way as unnoticeable as dangerous. There is a simple test that can reveal the real condition of your hoses, fittings and nozzle. Make sure the dispenser is out of service prio..
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Dos and Don'ts of Safely Replacing Fuel Filters
   Replacing fuel filters is a fairly simple activity, but as everything involving work around your dispensers and flammable materials it needs to be done with very specific safety rules. Following is a video produced by the Petroleum Equip..
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Is it a Gas Pump or a Dispenser?
  Liquid fuel is delivered to vehicles either through a self-contained pump or through a dispenser. These days, the term is used indistinctly but the two are very different devices. While no differences are detectable at first glance as to wheth..
So you have Phase Separation in your E10 storage tank...
   This is the continuation of our last blog post Phase Separation in Ethanol Gasoline: The Hidden Killer in your Gas Station where we addressed phase separation and how to detect it. This time we will show you how contaminated E10 gasolin..
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Phase Separation in Ethanol Gasoline: The Hidden Killer in your Gas Station
  The use of ethanol as a fuel in the United States has significantly increased over the past decade. Today, greater than 80% of all retail gas stations in the US blend gasoline with up to 10% ethanol (E10).  One of the main concerns in the..
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Stage II Decommissioning at your gas station: Do you benefit?
  When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) passed the Clean Air Act, it required that service stations adopt Stage II vapor recovery systems. Such systems are intended to capture gasoline emissions created when automobiles a..
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Winter and your Underground Storage Tanks: Few Minutes Now or Frustration Later
  Northern weather conditions cause problems for UST owners/operators. Winter weather can be the cause of unique circumstances for facilities in northern states that facilities in other states do not experience. Proper maintenance now is impor..
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Changing Fuel Filters: 10-micron or 30-micron and how often?
Everyone knows that the oil/fuel filters on your car or truck should be changed regularly. You do this because you want your vehicle to last longer and continue to operate properly. The same goes for the filters in your fuel dispensers. Filters are..
This 10-second activity can keep your customers coming back.
   A leaking hose may damage customer relations, hurt “curbside appeal” and result in expensive environmental cleanup. To keep your customers happy, and to protect your assets, you should identify and correct hose problems before any custom..
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Video Demonstration: How is water-finding paste used?
      A dreaded event for anyone who owns a gas station is to have on any given day a number of complains from customers stating your gasoline has damaged their cars, the result of water in your Underground Storage Tanks (UST..
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How to Reconnect the OPW 68EZR Reconnectable Breakaway
 The OPW 68EZR is the latest Re-connectable Breakaway from OPW and it is the successor of the widely known 66REC. In this video produced by OPW, the process to properly lubricate and reconnect the 68EZR is shown as well as some basic safety guid..
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How to replace and test a Gasoline Nozzle - Husky 10S
  This time we show you how to replace a gasoline nozzle with the Husky 10S, which is a pressure activated, automatic shut-off nozzle for full-service and self-service stations. Remember to always follow the safety rules of your gas station and ..
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The tools for saving time and money: Husky Nozzle Service Kit
   As with any technical job, having the right tools makes all the difference. It  is true that changing hanging hardware parts like nozzles, hoses and breakaways are a fairly straightforward task, if done with improvised items can tak..
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What is a Spill Bucket and What is its function?
  The first step in the supply and operation of a gas station is delivering the product on site and transferring it to the (typically) underground storage tanks (UST as it is commonly known). This is a process that involves rules and devices in ..
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Husky 3360 3/4" Safe-T-Break Installation

   Among the things that you can get done fairly quickly is changing your hanging hardware. This time we show you the process for changing a Husky Safe-T-Break breakaway.

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What is EMV and why you should care?
  If you own a Gas Station/Convenience store or you service one, chances are you might already heard about EMV. And if that is the case, you might be wondering what is all that about. In this post I will talk about the current state of the payme..
Drawbacks Of Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems
   Stage II vapor recovery systems have been part of many gas dispensing facilities in the US. These systems are aimed at minimizing the amount of volatile components emitted to the atmosphere while fueling vehicles. Such systems are added ..
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